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  • Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    Congratulations to the Oprah Winfrey Show's 20th Season

    Oprah is back on her show. While it was off, she was forced to come out to make a few statements about some incidents, but she was on vacation. The show was scheduled for the September relaunch. Indeed, it got relaunched with a spanking brand new studio which costs millions of dollars and hours to design and build. It's truly an architectural signature of Oprah. (I will disclose here that like many women I am a fan of the show. More importantly, I am fan of the projects Oprah supports).

    When the picture of Jennifer Anniston showed up on the screen, the fans went nuts. They finally had a chance to see her and hear her talk about her ordeals. Talk, she did! Oprah interviewed her on the show. "Are you ready to date again? Are you ready to go on with your life?" She also mentioned the Vanity Fair magazine that featured Brad Pitt's former wife. Jennifer was very candid in her response. "It takes some getting used to being alone again," she said. To refute and put down all rumors, she wants a baby. Jennifer receives the support of her friends who were at Oprah's house in California. They are her lifeline or support system. Jennifer is very busy making movies. One of the titles of her upcoming movies is "The Breakup." What a coincidence! Jennifer is moving on.

    Oprah and Steman, her man: They went puppy shopping. They initially agreed to take one each, but Oprah had to get the cute one with the underbite that the puppy seller was trying to discourage her. So the power couple ended up leaving with three beautiful white puppies. They are drop gorgeous. Then, Oprah showed how she was losing sleep potty trainingt these new babies which she did not compare to human babies. She had to introduce them to her previous dogs. To train these new puppies that made their entrance on the show, she hired a trainer. They needed manners. Hey, Oprah can have all the toys she wants! Come on, Stedman, shop like a girl! No wonder Oprah usually has her girlfriends around to go shopping!

    Talking about shopping, Oprah said she did not have a cow or throw a fit when she was refused entrance at a Hermes store in Paris. She showed all the articles that were written about the incident. She said that the press had it wrong. Then, she decided to talk about the whole incident in a polite way. She and her entourage wer already inside the store and saw a lot of other people shopping. Despite her efforts to shop, a RUDE employee turned her down. She stated that she felt bad. She felt awful. Then the camera went to Hermes USA president, Mr. Chavez. On the way out of the store, Oprah called him to express her surprise. Mr. Chavez said that he understood her situation. He apologized. That's all Oprah wanted to hear. He added that the worker did not know Oprah. It seems that you have to have a name to shop there. What was interesting to note is that Oprah said it the way she felt it. "For those of you who are not the right kind, the right skin color or the right class, you can understand how awful it feels to be turned down." Hermes USA president made up with Oprah. Well, she has money and power. Oprah is an influencer. Who does not want to kiss her face or shake her hands! oprah, you should have stood up for all the poor people, the black people, the Asian, Hispanic or people of color who have ever received an affront or considered suspicious the minute they set their feet at these highend, upscale stores! Will you do it next time? Be strong and don't take ... from anybody. I understand that you still have to offer an olive branch to your enemy. Hermes may end up taking some advertising pages in your magazines to cover its sins against people of color!

    Oprah Pledged $10 million dollars towards the rebuilding of NOLA

    Through her Angel Network Katrina Homes on Oprah.com, Oprah invites her fans and viewers to "put your money where your heart is." She wants everybody to give what they can. Maybe it's a toaster, beds, linens, sofas, towels, dishes, washers, dryers that you can afford. She wants you to turn houses into homes. Corporations can give too. Through her Katrina registry, you can give whatever you can afford. You can make a house a home. You can help rebuild lives. You can sponsor a house. Oprah's Angel Network will help rebuild homes with Habitat for Humanity. On the Oprah's Katrina Home Registry, you can choose items to donate. The items are just representative of the things that are needed in a home. You can find kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom item list and appliances. While you are there, you can also donate to the network's recovery efforts.

    Monday, September 19, 2005

    Oprah Did Not Snub John H. Johnson in his Death: She will Pay Tribute to Luther Vandross and John H. Johnson

    Defending Oprah Winfrey: Dude, She Can Do It Better Than You Can. When Oprah Speaks, People Listen!

    Please read the rest of the article published Allpromdresses Network

    Oprah said she made sure to send some flowers and a note to Linda Johnson Rice, Johnson's daughter and CEO of the Johnson's publishing company and Johnson's wife, Eunice. Mr. Martin's sources told him that Oprah did not call, send a card or a note of condolence to the family. He added that he placed several calls to Harpo. It was to no avail. He wanted a public statement from her. He could not move on. He couldn't find a public statement from the likes of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, 50 Cents, Snoop Doggie Dog, Usher and so on. He was dwelling on the absence of Oprah from the funerals. That was enough material for him to cover in his paper.

    Without any info from Oprah, he set out to speculate. He thought there may be a feud between the two media giants. He was determined to milk the story for what it's worth. Hello Bob Costas and CNN! Bob Costas can't allow himself to milk the story of the lost American girl in Aruba. CNN understood and stopped pestering him. He continued to speculate that the bad blood may have come from Ebony's publication of Sheila Johnson, the ex-wife of BET's Bob Johnson and a co-founder of the company as "America's first black female billionnaire."

    D'uh, Oprah does not care about counting the beans any longer. She knows she is filthy rich. She is in a league with Bill Gates,the Wal-Mart brothers and others. She is doing charitable work in Africa and Haiti. Is she doing anything in Haiti? Maybe she will go to some funerals there. She can do a show about the malnourished and the sick who are dying for lack of care and money.

    To some level, I can understand Mr. Martin's criticism. Mr. Johnson and his family built their media in Chicago. Oprah or Harpo inc. is based in the same city. He was wondering why she kept silent. Oprah's staff did not relay the message left by Martin. They know her policies. If anything, Mr. Martin's stance will endear him to the Ebony and JET companies which Mrs. Rice and Eunice are running. We only hope that Chicago Defender won't lose him to the above two because he appears to be doing such a great job editing the paper.

    Just like Martin, my hats off to Mr. Johnson who died on August 8. When nobody cared about Black people, he cared. Mr. Johnson cared about the voices of black men and women in this country and overseas. He knew they had good stories to tell. With Ebony and Jet, he chronicled the history of African Americans and important black people for a whole generation. How many of us will do something worth mentioning many years from now? Are we out to destroy each other? As human beings, we must honor and respect each other every day.

    Mr. Martin is an equal opportunity observer. He also observed the absence of President Bush, current and former secretaries of state, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell. Was Michael Jordan attending the funerals? How about Kobe Bryant? Who else can you think of?

    Lo and behold, Mr. Martin did talk to Oprah who informed him that she did send the note and flowers. He got her ears. What a way of getting somebody's attention. The media are a powerful tool. Martin and Oprah recognize it. The former has been compelled to write a new column to refute his previous one. I can guarantee you this is not going to be the end. Writing has a way of being recurrent. It's the Duracell's effect. It goes on and on and on! Wait until you watch the show honoring the memories of Luther Vandross and John H. Johnson. By the way, Oprah may send another round of flowers to Sidney Poitier. When will I receive some from her? I am alive. Nobody seems to notice. Do they notice the poor any way? How many people write about those who are dying of hunger and famine in Africa?

    By the way, Linda Johnson Rice and Eunice did not receive the card and flowers Oprah sent. Oprah has the proof and the receipts to show. Mr. Martin believes her. The family thanks Mr. Martin for his efforts at commemorating the memories of Mr. Johnson. The are waiting for Oprah's tribute to the patriarch's legacy on her show.

    Once again, hats off to Luther Vandross and J. H. Johnson!


    Yahoo News
    O, The Oprah Magazine

    Thursday, September 01, 2005

    A new book that caught my attention: Pull Yourself Up by your bra straps by Jeanne Bice

    Jeanne wrote her book to be able to meet Oprah. I guess Oprah may have already seen her success. She pulled herself up by her own bra straps. That's what Oprah would laugh with her about.

    Some readers she is the cross between Erma Bombeck and Dr. Phil. The publisher, Hyperion, wrote this about her.

    "Jeanne Bice is the founder and proprietor of The Quacker Factory clothing company. Once an amateur crafter who was encouraged by her husband, Bice opened a retail store selling her creations. Discovered during a QVC entrepreneur hunt, Bice’s clothing is now one of the most popular lines sold on the channel. She lives in Boca Raton, Florida."

    I saw her on QVC. She is hilarious. Hey, I will do anything to help a woman with her business. Woman-owned businesses need all kinds of support.

    Sunday, August 28, 2005

    Rap Mogul Suge Knight Got Shot in the Leg at MTVA in Miami

    P. Diddy announced that there would be newsbreaking. Nobody thought there would be shooting. In what's been announced as the event of the year by the press and specially MTVA host Sean Combs, the award has come to take a life of its own. From Usher, Alicia Keyes, Ciara, Paris Hilton and you name it, well, to R. Kelly, everybody who is a celeb is expected to be there today.

    Ms. Ferguson and Kelly Clarkson won awards.

    Nobody expected Suge Knight to be shot at Shore Club resort. He is well. He received care at the hospital. He is in good condition. Knight is the founder of the pioneering music label Death Row Records.

    Sunday, August 21, 2005

    Erotica Books: Chocolate Flava, Heat Sisters, Sex Chronicles & Indoctrination You Can't Put Down

    Call Them Chick Lit or Erotic Romance Novels or Erotica; They Sell a lot

    Some of the Bestselling Zane Books published by Atria

    The Insider Movie Review: An Insider Takes on Big Tobacco

    The Insider is the story of an unknown man who finds himself at the mercy of complete strangers in an unfamiliar landscape, culture and customs. It’s also the story of an unknown man riding out of control in his own life and becomes a story of pain, ethics and giving up. Later on, we found one of the two protagonists of the movie, a chemist named Dr. Wigand. He was married with two children, one of which had asthma. While a Big Tobacco detective was researching his life, he found out that Dr. Wigand had a previous relationship which he did not disclose to Lowell Bergman.

    In my opinion, Liane who is Dr. Wigand’s current wife in the movie started using the teleological thought. Upon finding out that her husband got fired, she started wondering about the impact the termination would have on her family and sick daughter in terms of healthcare and payment of mortgage on the house. Later on, she was seen mulling the idea of whether to stay married to Wigand or leave. She accepted to move or downsize to a new house. She had time to think over the pros and cons of her husband’s decision that ended up affecting her and taking away her dream. Using the Virtue bucket, one can wonder whether the vow she took came with the condition that money would always be part of the equation. She did not keep her vow to stay married in sickness, diseases, poverty and wealth until death do them apart. Once the husband got fired, all vows appeared to cease. In the dial or right vs. right decision, Liane cared about the welfare of her children and acted on her self-instinct.

    Dr. Wigand’s previous wife appeared to be truthful in answering the questions of the interviewer. She provided the answers to the best of her ability. At the same time, she knew that she was somehow connected to Dr. Wigand through their common child. Dr. Wigand continues to pay child support. He had left this woman to find fame and wealth in his work. This wife could have weighted the ideas of embellishing her story to give more trouble to Wigand. She did not. She showed her virtue by refraining from resolving the problems in public.

    Quinceanera Planner: Quinceanera is the Hispanic Girl’s Rite of Passage: Lots of Celebration, Fun, Foods and Dancing.

    Browse Quinceanera Dresses, Quinceaner History, Quinceanera Books etc

    Cast a good luck, love and money spell at SantaLuciaBotanica

    Edwidge Danticat's Book: My Favorite Thus Far.

    Edwidge Danticat: One of the Premier Haitian American Author's Books

    Kinky Friedman, the Funnyman. Read his books: Can the public take him seriously?

    Check out the Music, Books & Candidacy: Kinky Friedman, Governor of Texas?

    Kinky Friedman's Mystery Novels and Music Show He Is A Hard Worker

    Kinky Friedman or Kinky for short: Next Texas Governor: His Works & Future

    Kinky Friedman is a wildly popular Texan. Maybe he is the most famous Jewish Texan. After a stint in the Peace Corps in Borneo, he came back to the country. While he was in Borneo, he started working on his country music songs. He released his first album, Sold American, which was hugely accepted by his fans and the public. In no time, he and his band, The Jewboys, became a sensation and a fixture in many Texan places such as the Ole Opry and elsewhere. The band became famous or infamous for such albums as "Get your biscuits in the over and Your Buns in the Bed," "They Ain't Making Jews like Jesus Anymore," and "Ballad of Charles Whitman." Later on, he and his band mates got tired and drifted apart. He took up writing novels. He has written more than 9 of them. He has found a new group of fans in these readers. Writing mysteries keeps him on his ranch which his parents bought back in the 1940s. Now, he wants to be governor of Texas. Check out Kinky's platform at www.kinkyfriedman.com

    Saturday, August 13, 2005

    Books That Teach Ethics: The Rise and Fall of Enron

    With major titles and subtitles, Fortune has a great coverage of the Enron meltdown. It has a photo essay and behind-the-scene scoop on the energy company that knew boom and bust. "Greed, Love, Sex and massive amount of Ego," "Employees are the best line of defense," "Strip clubs, Daredevil trips and $1 million paychecks," "What Does Andy Fastow Know?" and "Partners in Crime" are some of the titles you will be pleased to read. If you want a subscription to read them, it will be worth it. Fortune is a good magazine that I have been reading off and on for the past 15 years.

    Tuesday, August 09, 2005

    Quinceanera Planner, the new book!

    Quinceanera Dresses and Quinceanera Planning

    Peter Jennings' Two Books: In Search of America and The Century

    Read more about Peter Jennings here

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